Author KoaLollo
March 8, 2024, 8:20 a.m. · 651 · 1


AoE Leagues is back! Sign up in the AoE Leagues Discord server to take part in Season 10, featuring balanced seeding across all skill levels, promotion/relegation, guaranteed fun times and wacky home map choices!

Prize Pool

For Season 10 we are hoping to have a prizepool spread across all divisions, meaning everyone will have a prize to play for! The prize pool is expected to increase in the run up to the start of the league, check out the Discord server for updates!


AoE Leagues is a recurring 1v1 tournament entering its 10th season, with players split up into skill-based divisions battling it out to gain promotion and avoid relegation going into the next season. The league revolves around each player picking a home map for the whole season, with each group stage set being played out as two games on the players' respective home maps. End of season playoffs follow to crown the division champions, with players drafting from the entire pool of home maps from their division.

Regular showmatches between players of all levels will be held in the run up to the tournament, check out any announcements over on Discord.


Registrations to the tournament are open to all players until the 27th April 2024 over on the Discord server. Players will be seeded based on the average between their current and peak 1v1 RM Elo at the time of registration closure. Start date for the tournament will be the 6th May 2024.