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DIGNITAS CONQUEST - 3v3 tournament ($500+ prize pool!)

CALL YOUR FRIENDS, PHONE YOUR MOMMA, E-MAIL YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE! The Legion is back! This time, we brought some friends: Prosper Labs is the co-responsible for bringing this awesome tournament to you! Thanks to this amazing sponsor, we are able to bring the BEST, the BIGGEST, the MOST AMAZING 3v3 tournament ever brought to AoE2 players since the dawn of time. What are the rules? Here's a quick break down, full rulebook right here… read more

Sokół   ·   March 18, 2024 1,158   ·   1

AoE Leagues is back! Sign up in the AoE Leagues Discord server to take part in Season 10, featuring… read more

KoaLollo   ·   March 8, 2024 651   ·   1
3v3 Golden Bough Cup

After the success of the Battle of the Backseat and the Enigma Cup, we are excited to unveil our l… read more

HYPNOS   ·   March 1, 2024 453   ·   0

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