Welcome to the Ultimate Villager Quickwalling Test! This challenge is tailored for those wishing to put their skills to the test and see if they can measure up against the likes of grandmasters of this game, such as TheViper. The test comprises three unique missions, each posing a variety of quickwalling skills and techniques.

  1. "The Beginning": This is the most popular mission and serves as an introduction to quickwalling. Players will have to demonstrate their abilities in various scenarios, always racing against time.
  2. "The Rebellion": Here, the difficulty level is significantly elevated. Players are required to respond to increasingly complex challenges and situations, with the demands on their skills and reaction time ramping up accordingly.
  3. "Ying Yang": The final mission is the ultimate test. It essentially doubles up on "The Beginning", meaning that players will have to put their abilities and knowledge to the test under even more extreme conditions. It's the ultimate challenge for those who believe they have what it takes to measure up against the best.

The Ultimate Villager Quickwalling Test is more than just a game; it's an opportunity to perfect your skills, rethink your strategies, and see if you have what it takes to compete with the big players. Do you have what it takes?

Special thanks to Doc Maggie for creating this awesome challenge.

Alcatraz Warden - The Beginning


# User Best time Attempts
#1 MingXu 01:53.01 64 show
#2 SalzZ_wide 02:37.01 28 show
#3 FinalComeback 02:38.01 14 show
#4 Amaom 02:49.01 14 show
#5 T-West 02:52.03 6 show
#6 DesertArms 03:07.02 2 show
#7 korn 06:50.04 9 show
#8 Excalibur 07:33.02 3 show

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Alcatraz Warden - The Rebellion


# User Best time Attempts
#1 FinalComeback 03:29.01 10 show
#2 Marauder 04:46.03 49 show
#3 DesertArms 05:03.02 12 show
#4 Excalibur 05:51.01 5 show

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Alcatraz Warden - Ying Yang


# User Best time Attempts
#1 Doc Maggie 08:08.02 10 show

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How to compete?

To participate in the public Speed Rank Leaderboard, it is necessary to perform your attempt in a public lobby. Make sure that spectators are allowed in your game. This allows us to automatically find, identify and evaluate your game.

If your matches do not show up automatically, open your user profile page and update your match history by clicking on "Update this profile".

Please note that uploading replays is not an acceptable method to be included in the leaderboard. Your game must take place in real time and under specified conditions.

We are currently considering three specific variants of the "Alcatraz Warden Series" mod: "The Beginning", "The Rebellion" and "Ying Yang". Each of these game variants has its own leaderboard.

Good luck in your attempt to reach the leaderboard!