DIGNITAS CONQUEST - 3v3 tournament ($500+ prize pool!)




The Legion is back! This time, we brought some friends: Prosper Labs is the co-responsible for bringing this awesome tournament to you!

Thanks to this amazing sponsor, we are able to bring the BEST, the BIGGEST, the MOST AMAZING 3v3 tournament ever brought to AoE2 players since the dawn of time. What are the rules? Here's a quick break down, full rulebook right here.

  • Conquest ruleset 3v3 matches;
  • Two divisions (open ELO and Low ELO);
  • Three stages: Groups, Knockouts and Grand Finals;
  • Civilization Blocks (no draft);
  • Slinging allowed but only in certain cases;
  • Hera. (???)

This tournament has an amazing prize pool and a very fun format for you to have the time of your life with your friends.

Don't have friends (just like me)? Join our Discord and find other people in the same situation and build the ULTIMATE TEAM!

Map Pool

This is the map pool for the tournament's Group Phase:

15 amazing and varied maps for your heart's content!

...but wait! There's more!

During the Knockouts and Grand Finals phases, a total of 7 maps will be added to the pool!

Wanna know more? Check the full rulebook here.


Whatever is collected from subs/donations/tips during DIGNITAS CONQUEST streams on our official Twitch channel will be distributed as prizes after costs. These are the prizes for the Champions of each division:

50% of all that is collected will be DONATED TO CHARITY

  • Roma Division
  • $440 for the team + 15% of all extra collected;
  • Guaranteed spots for our future LAN tournament in the US;
  • Limited-Edition Roman Consul Collectible*;
  • 25 Gold (in-server currency) for each team-member.
  • Gallia Division
  • $60 for the team + 10% of all extra collected;
  • Limited-Edition Roman Consul Collectible*;
  • 10 Gold (in-server currency) for each team-member;
  • 3x 1-hour session from Coach Oladushek (2k+ player);
  • 3x rec reviews from Survivalist.

Prizes for amazing displays of skill or good team play!

Wanna know more? Join our Discord and ask questions to your heart's content. 


Team captain must submit the following info for the whole team (including substitutes) on #sign-ups under Dignitas Conquest on our Discord:

  • Team name;
  • In-game name;
  • Discord name (you can use command “/nick [newNick]” to change your name just for our server alone);
  • Current 1v1 RM ELO rating;
  • Current TG RM ELO rating;
  • Three (3) Civ Blocks;
  • Representing Country (if any);
  • Representing Legion (if any);
  • Link to players’ main and any alternate aoe2gg.com/aoe2insights.com profile;
  • Confirmation you read the rules;
  • Information about the team that you would like us to know, like how you guys got to know each other, a reason for the name, a funny story, aoe2 trivia, etc.
  • Above details for any alternative accounts (any team caught with other accounts that are not disclosed can be removed from the event without prior notice).
  • Min. 20 1v1 Ranked Matches + 30 TG Ranked Matches, at least 5 of each in the last 2 months.
  • Signing up means you read EVERYTHING in this rulebook and agree with it, including, but not limited to, the rules of playing, punishments, etc.

Registration is open from March 3rd to April 16th.
Event to start on April 21th. Full rulebook here.