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Hera's Colosseum - NAC 5 Edition

Step into Hera’s Colosseum! An exciting ongoing series of Discord tournaments that mimic the settings that the pros are playing in S-tier tournaments. Players of all Elos can enjoy and experience what pros play; testing their skills they grind on ladder against other players in our community. Compete for cash prizes, learn new strategies, and make new friends.

This 3rd edition will feature Nili’s Apartment Cup V maps and draft format, but with an altered timeline and format to accommodate a variety of players with a schedule that is limited to 1 set per week. For more information, join Hera's Discord.

  • 1v1
  • 9-villager start
  • NAC 5 Map Pool - New drafting system
  • Group Stage - Accelerated Swiss Stage - Players play all 3 rounds - Players grouped by Elo range
  • Playoffs - Single-elimination - QF Bo3 - SF/Finals Bo5

Prize Pool

Cash prizes for all bracket winners!
Amount TBD (min $200, will grow depending on number of signups and will update this number closer to signup close)


Jan 4 - Signups Close
Jan 7 - Bracket Reveal
Jan 8 to Jan 28 - Swiss Stage
Jan 29 to Feb 18 - Playoffs

Sign Up + Handbook + More information

Sign Ups are OPEN NOW and tournament is open to players of all Elos! Please check Hera's Discord > Announcements for signup link, handbook, and more information.

Signup closes Thursday, January 4, 2024 23:59 GMT


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