Ranked RM Team 4v 4

Avg. rating 1,795
1699 +20
1778 +17
Avg. rating 1,737
This game was played 1 month ago.
Player Civilization Rating
2 盗号 没妈吗? Spanish 1810 -19
4 yjllmjl Mongols 1815 -20
6 德裕仁辅 Cumans 1697 -14
8 xuebao Italians 1857 -21
Player Civilization Rating
1 ArcherX Huns 1699 +20
3 atomic_sausage Mongols 1805 +15
5 Fresh To Death Burmese 1664 +22
7 Valle Poles 1778 +17
Game mode Random Map
Location Fortress
Map size Unknown
Resources Standard
Population 200
Starting Age Dark Age
Ending Age Imperial Age
Treaty Length -
Victory Conquest
Game speed Normal
Team Settings Advanced Settings
  • Lock Teams
  • Teams Together
  • Team Positions
  • Shared Exploration
  • Lock Speed
  • Allow Cheats
  • Turbo Mode
  • Full Tech Tree


Units over time

Units total

Economy Units over time

Economy Units total

Market usage

Why aren't all replays available?

The recorded games are offered directly by Microsoft, not every replay is publicly available also older recorded games seems to get frequently removed.

Why different Point of views?

While each replay contains all game relevant information, there are personal data which only get stored in its individual replay such as the View-Locks, if you want to watch the game from one players perspective you need the specific replay file.