aka. Purple Rain


1v1 RM
Team RM
1v1 DM
Team DM
Overall best civ
Persians Persians
42.7 % win
649 matches, 277 wins
Overall best map
Custom Custom
85.3 % win
143 matches, 122 wins
Overall best position
Flank Flank
69.4 % win
209 matches, 145 wins


Poohlayo is an Age of Empires II player from United States, who has played 766 matches. Most of his/her online activity is playing unranked games.


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michi 4v4 [MICHI NON RUSH 50 VILS]
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michi 3v3 [MICHI NON RUSH 50 VILS]
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4v4 death match - turbo - 400pop